Unsolicited Readers' Comments

I've just returned from a month-long trip to Australia and New Zealand, and was so delighted to find in my mail your gorgeous issue #42. Thank you again for including my poem "Summer Camp" in this edition.
Merna Dyer Skinner
Portland, OR

Thanks so much for sending my contributor copy of Slipstream 42. I look forward to some good reading! Also, thank you for including Robert Okaji's chapbook, Buddha's Not Talking. I just love his poem "How to Do Nothing." Thanks once again for publishing my poem, "Run." I hope this finds you safe and well and in creative spirits for the upcoming holidays.
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
Prescott, AZ

I can't remember if I ever wrote to thank you for accepting my poems "(In the Afterlife) Sudden Snow" & "The Small Murders We Endure" for #41 ("Sex/Food/Death" theme issue). All the decades of Slipstream. What a profound thing that is, to keep a journal going for this many decades. All the poets you have helped give voice to, even through times such as the last year. I give you my personal lifetime achievement award, for all you do, have done, and for all your support of my small poems.
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Erie, PA

Several poems in issue #40 caught my wandering attention...Your magazine usually requires six to eight months of diligent attention before I feel like I've really read it—and this is a good thing, always love writing that grabs me by the short hairs. Must say all the graphics spoke to me, especially the back cover. Heather Baker was surely on your wavelength of spirit when she came up with these photos.
Carl Mayfield
Rio Rancho, NM

It was a pleasure to have a poem appear in Slipstream 40. Really happy with the company it keeps and the gorgeous front (and back) covers...just wowed!
Annie Stenzel
Richmond, CA

I was so happy to receive my beautiful spooky contributor copy of Slipstream 40! This is the "Spirits' issue. Slipstream has been a small press mainstay out of Niagara Falls, NY since the 1980s, a true act of love edited by Robert Borgatti, Livio Farallo, and Dan Sicoli. Such longevity is rare in the literary press, particularly for an independent journal. Slipstream is one of those journals that I can definitely trace its influence on me. It highlights gritty poems, by real people, about real life, and also values the urban surrealism that I love. This issue includes some fine poems too by old friends and poetry comrades such as Brian Fanelli, Alan Catlin, Al Maginnes, Serena Fusek, and Alison Stone. I also want to point out the poems of Ed Taylor, Nadia Choudhury, and Anne Champion, that I really loved. The issue is big glossy and loaded.
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Erie, PA

Received issue #40 today along with the chapbook ("Poems for the American Brother") by Max Stephan. I have flown through both, delighted and stunned by turns with each page. Slipstream is always a publication I look forward to every Fall—this issue is exceptional.
Marge Merrill
Buffalo, NY

I have long admired the stream of lively —sometimes bruised, sometimes broken—voices which I find in your pages. All poems are typos, and you publish some of the most interesting ones around.
Carl Mayfield
Rio Rancho, NM

I just finished reading my contributor's copy of Slipstream's issue #36, and I felt compelled to emphasize again just how honored I am to be included in this collection! From start to finish, it was a fantastic batch of poems. My favorites were "Whistling in the Dark" by Jim Daniels, "Light and Dark" by Ginnie Goulet Garvin, and "Another Memorial Day" by Frank J. Dunbar (Dunbar's in particular resonated with me).
Daniel Lassell
Fort Collins, CO

Thank you for the lovely treatment you gave my poem—and all the others—in your 2015 "Elements" issue. I've been so enjoying all the offerings therein—what a nice collection of poems. No surprise...since I've enjoyed other issues of yours as well, which is why I submitted in the first place. Thank you so much for all your work!
Tereza Joy Kramer
Lafayette, CA

A pleasure it was to receive Slipstream #35 the other day. Of course I loved seeing my "Song of the Bruised Grapefruit" in print. Also love the cover, compliments to Marta Bevacaqua and whomever makes decisions on design. The back cover as well works well with the front. Much enjoy being in the same pages with many of these poems. Gerald Locklin's at the end kicks butt. Tara Ballard's "Untitled" got my attention. Many others, Sean Thomas Dougherty, who once upon a time I met—some wonderful lines. I'm struck by Matthew Murrey's "Phosphorous." I also remember Alan Caitlin from many years ago at, I think, Omega Institute & appreciate his "Elements."
Mike Schneider
Pittsburgh, PA

The edition (Issue #34) looks great! The evocative cover draws you to pick it up and dive in. And the poetry does not disappoint.
Margo Davis
Houston, TX

I just received my copy of Slipstream (#34). It is gorgeous! I LOVE you guys! Thank you for publishing my work. Thank you for taking the extra care to print my poem, titled, "May 29" on page 29. You are awesome! I can't wait to cozy up and dig into all it has to offer...along with your wonderful chapbook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mary Kathryn Jablonski
Saratoga Springs, NY

Thank you for including me in this new number of SLIPSTREAM (#33). It's a marvelous production and what wondrous covers—Andrea Fasani especially—that photo really knocked me out. And to think you were kind enough to let my prose poem lead the issue. I am humbled and grateful. Really, a great gathering.
Mark Harshman
Wheeling, WV

Just a short note to thank you for Slipstream #33 and for the accompanying chapbook. I am pleased to be included amidst such diverse and interesting talent. I thought the prose piece by Dylan Basset was of singular merit.
Gene McCormick
Wayne, IL

Thanks for the contributor copy of Number 33. It's really quite amazing, chock full of jewels. I particularly enjoyed "The Taste for Bad Boys Starts Early" and "Tourists."
Robert Cooperman
Denver, CO

What a wonderful issue (#33)! Excellent cover art, and Brandi M. Spaethe's "Touring the Baniszewski House" felt accurate and chilling. "Town Crazy," the title poem to John Cullen's chapbook, is as close to a perfect poem as I've seen in years. Well done.
Robert L. Penick
Louisville, KY

Fantastic issue (#33), and very nice cover, too. Joan Bauer's poem was a stunner.
J. Barrett Warner
Upperco, MD

Thanks for publishing my poem "Walking to Iceland" in the current Slipstream (#33). Beautiful cover and paper stock. Also, thanks for the John Cullen chapbook. Good stuff.
Andy Roberts
Columbus, OH

I wanted to drop you a quick email to say how delighted I was to have my poem, "What I Want," in Slipstream's "Cars, Bars, and Stars" issue. I know how difficult it is to publish an independent literary journal and the focus and dedication it requires, when so many demands are made of us every day.
Dean Shavit
Skokie, IL

Thanks for the contributor copy of Slipstream #32. As always, it's a stunner. Just an absolute embarrassment of riches. I'm enjoying it in my usual desultory fashion and, so far, "Soft Signs," by Lynn Ciesielski, just blew me away. Savage poem.
Bob Cooperman
Denver, CO

Received my copy of Slipstream #32 and of The Bones We Have in Common. Read each cover to cover same day. Very pleased by the quality of the writing. Dismayed to see that I have a long way to go to reach the standard set by Sudasi Clement and many of the other authors. But I am only seventy-five, still plenty of time to work and improve.
Amasa Guy
Danielsville, GA

Your journal is very much respected over here on the West Coast. Even the boys here at the motorcycle shop enjoy it!
Michael Faran
Ventura, CA

The magazine and Lipstick arrived. I read the chap (The Real Politics of Lipstick) straight through—I've never been so captivated by prose poems. An excellent choice!
Terry Godbey
Orlando, FL

When I think of your magazine, and of the months of devoted effort required for its publication, two words come unbidden to my lips: thank you. Thanks to you and your staff for continuing to insist on insight, discipline, and compelling expression.
Lee Rossi
San Carlos, CA

Thanks for the copies of Slipstream and the latest chapbook. I do hope you continue publishing—America needs the individual voice whether it believes it or not.
Carl Mayfield
Rio Rancho, NM

I cannot tell you enough how much I have enjoyed reading the latest issue of Slipstream. I find each poem to be as fabulous as the previous.
Jessica Bechtold
Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you for your recent acceptance of my poems "Breaking Eggs" and "Sometimes My Face Flushes When I Make Love." It will be a pleasure and honor to see my work in the pages of Slipstream again, especially in your Sex-Food-Death issue: the best, by far, theme I've ever come across.
Francesca Bell
Novato, CA

I just heard David Chorlton read in Albany, NY, from his book From The Age Of Miracles and from others of his books. I was completely taken with his writing. I'd never heard of him before tonight, but I'll certainly seek out his work now. I ordered a copy of Miracles from your site.
Jason Crane
Albany, NY

I admire and appreciate Slipstream's commitment to poetry. It's a terrific magazine! It makes me think about the possibilities for language from the time I pick it up and long after the time I put it down.
Jami Macarty
Vancouver, BC

Thanks for my contributor's copy of the issue (Issue #28). It was full of energy and risks. I was especially taken with the poems by Shari O'Brien, J. Blake Gordon, and Bruce Cain. Thank you for your steadfast devotion to spreading poetry out there in the world. I am honored to have been in this issue.
Ellen Reich
Malibu, CA

It's worth repeating that the sustained level of quality characterising Slipstream makes one wish for more than personal reasons to contribute to its achievement. Please, therefore, accept once more my thanks for your time and thought in reviewing this work, together with every good wish for the vigorous continuation of your own.
Stephen Malin
Westminster, MD

I loved Francesca Bell's "Why I Don't Drink" and also J. Blake Gordon's "Making Sure," (Issue #28) because I identified with the feeling when leaving the house. Anyway, good work as usual.
David Chorlton
Phoenix, AZ

Enjoyed making my way through the new issue (Issue #28). There may have even been more poems I liked in it than usual and my current clear favorites are red hawk's "The Sniper's Discourse," Matt Mullins' "On Sunday Morning," James Doyle's "He Wanted to Live to be Very Old," Terry Godbey's "Boys," Ed Taylor's "Frank Goes to School," David Chorlton's "First Night at the Shelter" (I realize I've run across a lot of his poems that I have admired through the years) and Hilary Melton's "Chronic Conditions..."
Tony Gloeggler
Richmond Hill, NY

I love Slipstream. The best mag in America, in my humble opinion.
Joseph Shields
Austin, TX

I was not familiar with Douglas Goetsch's work until Your Whole Life arrived in my box. What an absolutely killer book of poems. "Poems You're Not Allowed to Write" runs through town lopping off heads with grand efficiency. "Sirens, New York City" has my heart holding its breath, even as its shoulders relax for the first time in a few years. "Maine" had me stomping my foot and screaming I should have written if. Goetsch's economy, his wound-tight propellers, his well placed compassion, and his No like a brick wall. Consciece. I love the book. I will be getting more. Thanks.
Martin Vest
Pocatello, ID

The chapbook you published this past year by Douglas Goetsch (Your Whole Life) is extraordinary and just sampling its three poems on your website led me to buy it. I changed that to a subscription when I sampled back issues and look forward to years of enjoying your journal.
Claire Vogel
New York, NY

I love finding poems that are surprising and Slipstream never fails to exhibit poems from a different sandbox.
Ashley Nicole Montjoy
Tallahassee, FL

There is much to consider and admire in your magazine. For instance, the superb visual art you print. I'm thinking in particular of Ran Webber's drawings in Issue #25, but I have seen only what sparks my imagination and thought in your selections. And, I like very much the interplay between the visual and linguistic art. I'm very glad you're out there doing what you do!
Jami Macarty
Vancouver, BC

Issue #27 was my first encounter with Slipstream, and I really enjoyed it. Some of the poets I was already familiar with—like Alan Catlin, David J. Thompson, and Lyn Lifshin—but it was some of the poets I had never heard of that impressed me the most. I think Martin Vest's "Deadbeat" is probably my favorite poem in the issue, especially that last stanza. Harrowing stuff...
Clayton T. Michaels
Granger, IN

I absolutely loved Doug Goetsch's Your Whole Life. What a fine choice you made for your chapbook prize.
Patrick Carrington
Wildwood Crest, NJ

Beginning with exceptional cover art, your issue #27 is drop dead wonderful!
Pueblo West, CO

"I subscribe to many literary journals and it is always such a relief to actually enjoy reading one. I've seen everything by now—bland, boring, pretentious, bizarrely abstract—but not many that are interesting and pleasurable as Slipstream. A few of my favorites from the current issue (Slipstream #27) are "Present Tension," by J.P. Dancing Bear; "Gaining Perspective on the Death of My Dentsist," by Lauren Lawrence; and "Smile in Transit" by Stephen Garcia."
Francesca Bell
Novato, CA

"Loved your poems in Slipstream #27, beautiful issue...(I) was very happy to have my own poems in it once again, and so prominently featured."
Gerald Locklin
Long Beach, CA

"I'm enthralled with Your Whole Life. Douglas Goetsch's irreverent poems reflect what we sometimes think but are afraid to say. His mix of childhood and adulthood situations, sense of humor, and pow! endings make the book a standout. The magazine (#27) is rich also, especially the sexy poems by Traci Brimhall and the work by Gerald Locklin and Bruce Cohen."
Terry Godbey
Maitland, FL

Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting together this elite poetry zine. Really, it's the absolute best in the business; that's not effusive BS, honestly, great work. Please continue doing exactly what you're doing.
Kevah Akbar
Warsaw, IN

I really like Slipstream's urban sensibility and the straight forward prosody of the poets.
Gary Sokolow
New York, NY

Behind Every Door, Terry Godbey's chapbook, tops my list of favorite reads.
Ann Falcone Shalaski
Newport News, VA

In Slipstream 26 I admired many poems but mention work by J.P. Dancing Bear, Stephen Gracia and Karen Weyant as ones I especially connected with.
Hugh Abernethy
Westboro, MA

Thank you so much for including my poem, "Life Didn't Cease to Be," in Slipstream 26. I was honored to be included and greatly enjoyed the issue. I especially enjoyed "Baltimore," "My Husband's Mistress," and "Felix."
Ruth Dickey
Seattle, WA

I really do feel that Slipstream 25 is one of the best issues of any journal I've read in the past several years. It woke me up again to the fact that we have some real, honest-to-God, in-earnest writers (and editors) out there. Thank you for that.
Martin Vest
Pocatello, ID

In my humble opinion, this (#25) was the best issue yet. An apocalyptic powder keg shot through with vigor and resplendence. If a more colorful and spanning poetry magazine exists, I haven't read it.
John Goode
Chicago, IL

Your magazine is incredible. . .honest, tender, raw, everything poetry "should" be. I would tell you which poems I liked most but it would take too long.
Matthew Siegel
Binghamton, NY

I have subscribed to Slipstream for some time and I love the quality of poetry found within its pages. I am also impressed with the qualiy of your chapbooks including Radio Dreams by Beth Anne Royer, Breaking the Captive's Fetters by Laurie Mazzaferro, and most recently, Some Days it's a Love Story by Jason Irwin.
Karen J. Weyant
Jamestown, NY

Thank you for sending Issue 25; it's not all that often I read a poetry magazine cover to cover in one sitting.
Ziggy Edwards
Pittsburgh, PA

Denise Duhamel pointed me to Slipstream when I began studying with her several years ago and I have enjoyed reading the accessible poetry within since then. It is refreshing to dive into the unpretentious verse collected in Slipstream; verse that actually says something to this reader.
G. C. Brown
Astoria, NY

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Slipstream since I was introduced to it by a colleague several years ago. I particularly appreciate the ways that women and their sexuality are acknowledged in the poems that you publish.
Ennis McCrery
Blacksburg, VA

Thanks for a fantastic, provocative, haunt-my-dreams magazine.
Glenn Lester
St. Joseph, MI

Thank you for the copy of Slipstream 25 and Jason Irwin's winning book. I've read the book cover to cover and I'm still enjoying your 2005 issue of Slipstream.
Douglas Woodsum
Smithfield, ME

Has it really been 25 years you guys have been publishing? Time flies. Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying reading the issue (#25) in my usual desultory fashion. So far, I was just blown away by Rich Yurman's "Vinny V." I've known my share of similar characters (the murderous Tommy Lockhart comes to mind) in my life, but none so poignantly rendered as this one.
Robert Cooperman
Denver, CO

I am thrilled with issue 25 of Slipstream and would like to order three more! I look forward to submitting more poems to your stellar, high-quality magazine in the future.
Eugenie Juliet Theall
White Plains, NY

Wanted to say the cover of issue #24 was a really nice cereal goddess icon, also reminding me of Andrew Wyeth's paintings of that girl he did for several years toward the end of his life, the Helga paintings I think they're referred to as. But anyway, pretty much the best cover I've seen in 20+ years of small press/poetry reading. Like best these: James Doyle's "Rifles", Tracee Lee's "Sick", Will Nixon's "Oscar Night," Don Scheller's "Awakening," Bob Slaymaker's two fine pieces, John Struloeff's "Above the Ravine" and Lori Jakiela's poem.
Micheal Kriesel
Aniwa, WI

All I can say is my blood is running high. I've almost finished reading this issue (#24). It's terrific. The cover is riveting!
Will Nixon
Witherbee, NY

Slipstream has always been a place where sensuality is dealt with directly and with integrity, a combination not easy to come by in the literary world. Cheers to you and your staff for all you do.
Cindy Washabaugh
Cleveland, OH

Slipstream is worth the time it takes; you have reason to be proud.
Stephen Malin
Memphis, TN

I just finished reading Slipstream 24 and enjoyed it very much. Favorites include Sharon McDermott's "Burning the Dog" and Ken Feltges' two poems.
Michele C. Battiste
Astoria, NY

Many, many thanks for my contributor's copy of Slipstream #24. The magazine is beautiful. Stunning artwork and poetry from cover to cover. You guys are strong and this is a half-ass way of saying how honored I am to have been included.
John Goode
Chicago, IL

An extraordinary issue (#24) with the most beautiful cover I've seen. (If I were that girl's father, I'd never let her out of the house!) Loved Don Winter's "Cleaning Up" poem. I appreciate the time, effort, and expense involved in putting this magazine out. It's a great success.
Robert L. Penick
Louisville, KY

This issue (#24) is the strongest issue of Slipstream I've seen. Lori Jakiela's poem pushed me to send for her chapbook, which is very good; also the work of Feltges, McDermott, Tracee Lee, Cricket Lee, Schneider and Godbey was really first rate.
Richard Yurman
San Francisco, CA

Another stunning issue of Slipstream (#24) with a gorgeous cover and exceptional writing inside. I'm proud to be a contributor. Excellent work.
Linda K. Sienkiewicz
Rochester, MI

I have been a reader of Slipstream for three years now. One reason I renew my subscription is that your publication continues to surprise me with its diverse material. The element of surprise or unpredictability seems to be missing from many contemporary literary journals. Slipstream is also a beautifully made journal!
Cheryl Stiles
Marietta, GA

I recently read Slipstream #24 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially appreciated the poems "Locust Season," "The Moment," and "Easy Does It."
Angela Sargent
Woodbridge, VA

Slipstream (#24) has a lovely look and feel. Filled with taut poetry. First class.
Naomi Levine
Parsippany, NJ

Wow, another provocative Slipstream issue (#24) that really delivers. My favorite poems were "A Memory of Garden City" by Kathleen Novak and "Cleaning Up at the Hamtramck Burger Chef" ("looks like she's been slept in for years" —what a line). I read the magazine straight through the day it arrived, and it was a pleasure to see my "Hot Flashes" in the mix.
Terry Godbey
Maitland, FL

Pleased to receive my first issue of Slipstream (#23) yesterday. Had not thought I'd have time to read it—then suddenly found I'd eaten it up—cover to cover. A great dynamic and one with which I find myself very comfortable. Strong format. Good work!
Pueblo West, CO

Way to go! Loved the first issue I saw (#23). There's nothing better than a P!rag that lives up to its editorial spin ("contemporary urban themes. . .with a strong voice that is not afraid to bark or bite"). Too many seem to have no real vision or fall sadly short of the hype they build for themselves. But you guys certainly hit the mark at which you're aiming—boppin' from J. Matlson to D. Rogers to R. Cook to C. Sherrard.
Carl Martin
Long Beach, NY

Another great issue (#23). How about that first line: "My words, spoken slow, are trapped/ in the spider hair of his ears. . .? Whew!  What a start. Read the Dancing Bear one this morning—I skipped around—"Colorado Love Letter."  Powerful images, surprising turns. "Sixteen" by Marie Kazalia is in my memory for good now. Every time I see a heavy rain rush through a drain pipe, I'll think of that poem.
Paul Agostino
Holbrook, NY

I checked out your website after receiving your review in the mail. The art is terrific, the poetry outstanding. All are great slices of the poetry pie. Love Elizabeth Kerlikowske's "May I Help You?" and E.V. Noechel's "Red." I just wanted you to know I've been carrying it around with me everywhere so standing in line for 10 minutes at the post office isn't time wasted.
Linda K. Sienkiewicz
Rochester, MI

Whenever I return to Slipstream, I realize why so much of today's poetry bores me. Yours does have an edge, but it still manages to be so well written—such a fine and difficult line to walk. And so rare.
Barbara Claire Kasselmann
Boston, MA

I'm happy that you're publishing the kind of poetry I like to read; thanks for working hard to put out this journal...I really love Slipstream and appreciate your willingness to take risks, By the way, I think the cover of the current issue (#22) is the most fabulous thing I have seen in a long time. I think I'm in love.
Laura Van Prooyen
Brookfield, IL

Slipstream is an incredible journal, no bones about it.
Christina Stoddard
Greensboro, NC

In a world where the writing scene is often prone to egotism and pretentiousness, I admire Slipstream as much for its freshness and sincerity as for the high quality of its content.
Michael Meyerhofer
Iowa City, IA

I recently received my first copy of Slipstream after entering the annual chapbook contest. I'll give it to you straight: I like sexy poetry; I like poetry with balls. I saw both in your magazine.
Jeff Stumpo
Schaumburg, IL

I enjoyed the poems in Slipstream #22. I especially admired your recent chapbook "What Language," by J.P. Dancing Bear. When a book such as that wins a contest, I feel in good company just to have entered the contest.
Larry Turner
Fredericksburg, VA

Fantastic job on Slipstream #22. Beautiful photos. Excellent words. "Song for Stephanie" made my heart gulp. Also loved Locklin, as usual. And Robert Cooperman's "Summer Windows." Liza Porter's "Rising." And "This Sort of Day" by Phebe Davidson. And it's always good to see Tim Peeler. Damned honored to have made it in this one. They just seem to get better every time.
Martin Vest
Pocatello, ID

Slipstream has always been, in my mind, among the top echelon of literary magazines.

Gordon Massman
Crested Butte, CO

Just wanted to say great website and great magazine. A friend of mine sent me issues 20 and 21. Wow. My favorites were Dancing Bear's and Gerald Locklin's poems out of both issues, but I really dug most of what I read, which stacks up better than the rest of the magazines I've been picking up lately. My faith in readable poetry is restored.

Reese Lemon
Los Altos, CA

I've just returned from Ireland, am dead tired. But how cool to find Slipstream #21 in the mail. As always, it's awesome, cover-to-cover. Thanks for including me in such a brilliant issue.
Sean C. Brown
Olympia, WA

Great Issue #21. The photos are most definitely haunting and emotional. I also really enjoyed the winining chapbook. Great job!
Rocking Chair Frank
Santa Cruz, CA

The last issue #21 is simply gorgeous, inside and out—and poems from Jim Daniels to boot. Keep up the splendid work.
David Hernandez
Long Beach, CA

I was really impressed with your latest issue #20. The cover was a knockout and the photos by Townsend are delicious. Oh yes, and the writing—I especially liked the work by Perchan, Glatt, Daniels, and many others.
Mark McKain
Sherman Oaks, CA

Your site is superb and your zine is still one of the best out there.
Sam Pierstorff
Modesto, CA

Thank you for sending me Slipstream #20: strong, solid, engrossing stuff. I especially was struck by Kazim Ali's work and Bill Sweeney's sestina.
Kelley Jean White, M.D.
Philadelphia, PA

Locklin's tape is super and "Fucking in Stupid Hope" also excellent. Looking forward to being in the #1 publication world wide. Read last night, made $16, spent $20 drinking—oh well. Poets!
Catfish McDaris
Milwaukee, WI

I've been reading Slipstream #20 and Breaking the Captives' Fetters and I'm impressed with them both. They have some balls and some bite, some real edge. Good work!
Paul Forster
Santa Barbara, CA

Many thanks for the copies of Slipstream #20 and Laurie Mazzaferro's great chapbook, "Breaking the Captives' Fetters"...It's exciting that there is so much good writing! Poetry certainly is not dead.
Dorothy B. Anderson
Walpole, NH

I entered your chapbook contest with "The Fiery Sparks of Hope," and didn't win, but when I received "Breaking the Captives' Fetters" I saw why—it's great work. I've also really been enjoying Slipstream #20, more good work! So many of the small presses I receive are so "vanilla" and so many others are sort of over-the-top Charles Bukowski. Yours is my current fav. Keep it up.
John D. Forster
Santa Barbara, CA

Plowed over the sample issue—forwards and backwards. I'd seen a Slipstream a couple years ago, remembered liking it. But DAMN...I was impressed. What a beautiful book you guys crank out, words that scream into the void 'til their throats get sore...very, very, nice.
Hosho McCreesh
Albuquerque, NM

Would it be too much if I said, honestly, that Slipstream has some of the best prose poems I've seen since "Wormwood Review" ended?
Violet Jones
Hayward, CA

I'm just reading Slipstream and it's fabulous! It's not too often that I find so many shake-your-head poems in one magazine. I'm so-o-o impressed!
Irene Livingston
Vancouver, BC Canada

I woke up this morning and realized what a complete bastard I am! I never let you know how much I liked Issue #19, particularly the work of Burr, Cooperman, Brendan-Brown and Ahearn. Overall, a fantastic job—clean and elegant.
Christopher Locke
West Chesterfield, MA

I am enjoying issue #19, especially work by ... Locklin, Nordhaus and those drawings by Hernandez are a knockout. Also really like the chapbook by Pelegrin. It really rings true and takes me back to my own childhood spent in Baton Rouge, LA. Congratulations on some very stimulating publishing.
Mark McKain
Sherman Oaks, CA

I just finished reading volume #19, and I must tell you how thoroughly enjoyable and even comforting it is to find a journal that publishes such wonderful, truly readable, good, and varied work. I especially enjoy narrative poetry, and this issue is a real treat.
Elisa Albo
North Miami Beach, FL

Can't tell you how pleased I was to see my poem "Honey Sniffer" in Slipstream #19. I publish, therefore I am! Greatly enjoyed reading the whole issue. Especially liked Douglas Goetsch's "Self-Portrait with Radio," Stewart J. Florsheim's "The Kitchen Sink, 1969," David Watt's "Cystoscopy Nurse," Maureen Flannery's "On Death and House Sales," and Katharyn Howd Machan's "In 1929." Also, I'm a big fan of Gerald Locklin, so having one of his poems and one of mine in the same issue gave me a major rush.
David Chandler
Portland, OR

I read a copy of your most recent issue and loved it. I would be honored to appear in your review ... Keep up the good work.
Jennifer Johnson
Boston, MA

I came across the latest Slipstream in the New York Midtown Public Library—it was featured as a "recommended zine." Congrats!
Steve H
New York, NY


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