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Slipstream Issue 39

Slipstream #39 - Boneyards, Junkyards, Backyards theme issue
80 pages  |  $10.00

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Featured in this issue: Kevin Ridgeway, Abra Bertman, Jeff Bagato, Donna M. Davis, Maria Dylan Himmelman, Anthony Seidman, Simon Perchik, Joan E. Bauer, Jen Ashburn, Jason Roberts, Cammy Thomas, Matthew J. Spireng, Lyn Lifshin, John Schneider, Elizabeth Joy Levinson, Alan Catlin, Gayle Bell, Max Stephan, Matt Dennison, Michael Pantano, Ed Taylor, Ace Boggess, Nick Vafiadis, John Grey, R. Bratten Weiss, Kari Wergeland, Robert Penick, Troy Schoultz, Jennifer Vaknine, Daniel Edward Moore, David Bart, Devon Balwit, Shana Hill, Alison Stone, Holly Day, Will Cordeiro, Jennifer Clark, Julie Cyr, Clint Margrave, Kareem Tayyar, Kersten Christianson, Nicholas Yingling, Catherine Moore, Joe Cottonwood, Nancy Carol Moody, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Harry Moore, James Valvis, Robert Cooperman, Frank J. Dunbar, James Doyle, Charles Rammelkamp, Kenneth Feltges, Carl Mayfield, and Edward Micus.
Artwork: Front Cover - Jon Damaschke, Back Cover - Tim Starnes, Featured Photography - Jon Damaschke


A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith, by Pam Davenport A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith
By Pam Davenport

"The poems in Pam Davenport's debut collection, A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith, are as earthy and spirited as the horses she describes. Whether it's a teenage girl longing to be "felt up," or the "flesh and pith and skin" of an orange, Davenport writes with honesty and wit about the nature of desire. "We want we never stop wanting," she writes in the poem "Sushi." Part coming of age story, part love song to appetite, these poems abound in rich physical detail. There are spider plants, rump roasts, martinis and bottles of Prell shampoo. Davenport celebrates the sublime and the ordinary in equal measure, from the moon's "ancient lunar light" to "a rusty chain-link fence." A Midwest Girl reminds us what a gift it is "To know we are here."
—Ellen Bass
author of Like a Beggar

"I admire this compendium of a chapbook, with its moon and its horses, its cowbells and mushrooms and breasts. These odes form the record of an American life, from childhood to late middle age, helter-skelter in their enthusiasms, exultant in their femaleness."

Joseph Millar
author of Kingdom

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