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Slipstream Issue 43

Slipstream #43 - Red theme issue
80 pages  |  $10.00

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Poetry by: Lenny DellaRocca, Sandra Anfang, Allen Shadow, John Schneider, Alison Stone, Donna Pucciani, Mary Elizabeth Birnbaum, Ace Boggess, Charles Rammelcamp, John Glowney, Kristel Rietesel-Low, Jen Ashburn, Robert Fillman, Susan Cummins Miller, Alan Catlin, Shawna Swetech. Richard Ryal, J.I. Kleinberg, David Chorlton, Karen J. Weyant, Jennifer Campbell, Joseph Zaccardi, Robert Cooperman, Gunilla T. Kester, Anthony Seidman, Heather Ferguson, Ashley Wagner, Katharyn Howd Machan, Susan Roney-O'Brien, Joan E. Bauer, Julie Johnson, Holly Day, Mark James Andrews, Lauren Ila Misiaszek, Scott T. Hutchison, Maria Sebastian, George Kalamaras, Pamela Annas, Daniel McGinn, Chris Pellizzari, Kimberly Ann Priest, Max Stephan, Amanda Hayden, John S. Eustis, Kevin Ridgeway, Johnny Cordova, Theodora Ziolkowski, Mary Kathryn Jablonski, J.I. Kleinberg, Livio Farallo, Kathy O'Fallon, Gabriel Dunsmith, Joe Cottonwood, Lisa Geiszler, Jackleen Holton, R.A. Pavoldi, Ed Taylor, Serena Fusek, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Carrie Gardner, Matthew J. Spireng, Frank William Finney, and Ted Mico
Front Cover: by Tim Cavadini
Back Cover: by Emanuela Iorga


Those Last Few Moments of Light by J. R. Thelin Those Last Few Moments of Light
J. R. Thelin

J.R. Thelin's collections of poems include Last Cha Cha in Albuquerque (2017, Main Street Rag Press) and Breath Into Bone (2010, Small's Books), as well as two chapbooks: The Way Out West (2005, Concrete Wolf) and Dorrance, Narrative, History (2004, Pudding House Publications). He has served as co-coordinating editor of the eleventh MUSE and as poetry reader for Shenandoah. After working for many years in Development, including stints at Colorado College and Washington and Lee University, Thelin recently retired as senior development researcher from University of Virginia at the end of 2020. He is married and lives, writes, and walks in Buena Vista VA.

Aside from being dead, the boy at the center of J.R. Thelin's stark, eerie, and gripping Those Last Few Moments of Light isn't much different from his elementary-school classmates. He plays baseball; he takes his younger sister trick-or-treating; he juggles crabapples; he keeps a diary. The dead boy even nurses a crush—on a girl with pigtails and scabby knees. Is he in heaven or hell? Or, like his contemporaries—and like all of us, at one point in our lives—is he merely an inhabitant of that unsettling limbo known as childhood? "No one is afraid of the dead boy." Oh, no? Meet him and see.
                                                —Mark Brazaitis
Director, West Virginia Writers Workshop

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