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Slipstream Issue 40

Slipstream #40 - Spirits theme issue
80 pages  |  $10.00

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Poetry by: Kevin Ridgeway, Brian Fanelli, Jeff Bagato, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Donna M Davis, Lois Roma-Deeley, Alan Catlin, Clay Cantrell, Raymond Luczak, Richard Weaver, Lowell Jaeger, Nadia Choudhury, Michael Pearce, Ed Taylor, Charles Rammelkamp, Al Maginnes, Simon Perchik, Adam D. Weeks, Red Hawk, Wale Ayinla, Kathleen Hellen, David Chorlton, Ellery Beck, Anne Champion, Alice Pettway, John Marvin, Haley Winans, Mark Steudel, Michael Salcman, Brian Rihlmann, Serena Fusek, Frank J. Dunbar, Robert Cooperman, Ronda Pizsk Broatch, Alison Stone, Josh Anthony, Ben Terry, Kate Deimling, William Cullen, Richard K Olson, Ace Boggess, J.C. Mari, Marc Pietrzykowski, Kenneth Feltges, John Gosslee, Annie Stenzel, Ceridwen Hall, Lisa Caloro, David Lewitzky, Justin Karcher, William L. Ramsey, Nicole Mason, and Carl Mayfield.

Front & back cover and featured photography: Heather Baker


Poems for the American Brother by Max Stephan Poems for the American Brother
By Max Stephan

Max Stephan's poetry and prose have appeared in the North Dakota Quarterly, Appalachia, the Christian Science Monitor, the Broad River Review, the Main Street Rag, the Cold Mountain Review, Slipstream, the Potomac Review, Blueline, the Cimarron Review and the Louisiana Review, among others. Recently, Stephan was awarded a fellowship at the Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, noted as a finalist in the Rash Award in Poetry Competition (2018, 2019), the Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest (2018, 2019), the Homebound Publications Prize (2019), and invited to write the featured story for the Winter/Spring 2020 issue of Appalachia, honoring the work of the late Mary Oliver. Stephan teaches at Niagara University, specializing in Contemporary American Poetry; runs the university's poetry series, "Western New York Poets" and co-hosts "Second Stage Writers," a monthly reading series in the city of Buffalo, which brings together both young and established voices.

"It's easy to read Poems for the American Brother as a single poem, an elegy with differing forms of sound and shape seamlessly united in focus and intent. Stephan's superb handling of syntax creates a finely tuned and honest voice that convincingly carries his fondness for his lost brothers home to the heart. These are moving poems brimful with weight and virtue."
                                                —Marc Harshman
author of Woman in Red Anorak,
winner of the Lynx House Prize for Poetry,
and Poet Laureate of West Virginia

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