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Slipstream Issue 36

Slipstream #36 - Shadows & Light
96 pages  |  $10.00
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Featured in this issue: Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Stella Reed, Ceridwen Hall, Daniel Lassell, Kathryn Merwin, Faith Shearin, Annie Lure, Avery Leigh Thomas, Matthew J. Spireng, Douglas Cole, Alison Stone, Lynn Pattison, Kyle McKinney, Jason Irwin, Alan Catlin, Mike McGeehon, Michael Brosnan, Theodore Eisenberg, Mark Fitzgerald, Matthew Nye, Eric Gelsinger, Simon Perchik, Larry W. Kelts, Sarah Daugherty, P.D. Lyons, Donna M. Davis, Charlotte Covey, Matt Dennison, Mark B. Hamilton, Catherine Keller, Alex Thomas, Michael Estabrook, James Crews, Katharyn Howd Machan, Paula Brancato, Riley Ward, David Chorlton, Jim Daniels, Jack Lindeman, Serena Fusek, Frank J. Dunbar, Carol Dorf, Hollie Dugas, Ann Folwell Stanford, Roy Bentley, Lauren Yarnall, Steve Klepetar, Suzanne Rancourt, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Gail DiMaggio, Linda Scheller, Gloria Keeley, Stan Zumbiel, Ed Taylor, Dorian Kotsiopoulos, Carl Mayfield, Vicki Mandell-King, Robert Cooperman, Lyn Lifshin, John Gosslee, Livio Farallo, Kenneth Feltges, Karen Paul Holmes, Dan Sicoli, Ginnie Goulet Gavrin, Allyson Jeffredo, Michelle Perez, Jerry Garcia, Catfish McDaris, and Gerald Locklin.
Front Cover: Kris G.
Back Cover: Karen Lee Lewis


Not All Fires Burn the Same by Francine Witte Not All Fires Burn the Same
By Francine Witte     $10.00

"The only constants in Francine Witte's poems are Nature and inanimate objects; a quart of milk stays a quart of milk ('Convenience'). Against this backdrop men and women dance uneasily, never sure of their footing. Even Cinderella wishes for an earlier incarnation. In Not All Fires Burn the Same, words are the saving grace. Highly recommended!"
—Ron Kolm
author of Night Shift and contributing Editor of Sensitive Skin

"Francine Witte narrates the lives of men and women searching through the losses, leaning towards one another through the flames. Brazen and beautiful, gritty and full of smart shifts, uppercuts and angles, or do I mean "angels flying south for the winter." Or when, "A piece of the sky breaks off/ and falls into your coffee cup." Lost girls, tired working class wives, wolfs and weather, divorces on mars, instructions on what to do when facing a bear, or unflinching remembrances of rapes rendered and not withheld, Witte’s range is imaginative or real when needed, precisely piercing, full of metaphorical moves and narrative epiphanies. This small book has enough punch to break the heart's teeth, driving us down streets "woven with bones and ash and anything else leftover when a dream dies." And yet what is left, after the dream is dead is perhaps these poems: with their deft directions for survival"

Sean Thomas Dougherty
author of All You Ask for is Longing: Poems 1994-2014

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