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Slipstream Issue 37

Slipstream #37 - The Road
96 pages  |  $10.00

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Featured in this issue: Claire T. Feild, Tony Magistrale, Trevor Tingle, Judson Evans, Miranda Haney, Peter Marcus, Judith Roney, Belinda Subraman, Suzanne Iuppa, Michael Salcman, Robert Beveridge, Matt Zambito, Rikki Santer, Jeff Alfier, William Godbey, Michael Vander Does, David Denny, Jennifer Weber, Michael David Roberts, Judi Rypma, Dennis Maloney, Devon Balwit, Holly Day, Carl Boon, Gail DiMaggio, John Stupp, Nick Conrad, Willam C. Blome, Grant Clauser, Ed Taylor, Stephen Roger Powers, Nicole Santalucia, David Chorlton, Charles Rammelkamp, Riley Ward, Casey Clague, Doug South, Lana Dean Highfill, Seth Garcia, Richard O'Brien, Justin Hyde, Carol A. Amato, Armin Tolentino, Anna Monardo, Jim Zola, Patricia Fargnoli, Allen C. Jones, K.D. Rose, Mike Jurkovic, Alan Catlin, Donna Davis, Sharon Lask Munson, Joan E. Bauer, Matthew W. Schmeer, John Schneider, Helga Kidder, Frank J Dunbar, Kennth Feltges, Serena Fusek, Mather Schneider, Robert Cooperman, Stephanie Botelho, Rebekah Keaton, Joe Cottonwood, Dan Jacoby, Dianalee Velie, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Sara Fetherolf, Kathleen Gunton, Diane Martin, and others.

Cover Artist: Ted Vasin
Ted Vasin is a San Francisco-based artist who works in painting and sound. His work attacks the phenomenon of the psychological spectrum and its possibilities of expansion and transcendence. On the canvas a collision of hyper-realism and technologically produced abstractions proposes an intersection where the organic self and the physical world must come to terms. Visit Ted's website at:


Blue Velvet, by Alan Catlin Blue Velvet
By Alan Catlin


"Using noir and dystopian sci-fi movies and TV series for his jumping off point, Alan Catlin's latest collection, Blue Velvet, paints a picture of contemporary America's anxieties, obsessions, and fears. Catlin is merciless in his depictions of the rot at the heart of our current social and political climate, as reflected in pop culture. He puts it best when he offers, in one poem, 'inhaling/Death as if it were the latest high/the street has to offer.' Blue Velvet may be bleak, but it possesses a 'terrible beauty' in its bleakness."
—Robert Cooperman
author of Draft Board Blues.

"Blue Velvet is Alan Catlin's paean to neo-noir sci-fi fantasy film and fiction, a nightmarish post-apocalyptic vision of a crumbling society in a dissolving reality. One haunting, vivid poem after another echoes Peter Weir, J.G. Ballard, Géla Babluani, Isabel Coixet, Nightmare on Elm Street, and yes, David Lynch. Toss in Federico Fellini and Eugene O'Neill and you appreciate how 'The only ref in this game is death.'"

Charles Rammelkamp
author of Mata Hari: Eye of the Day and American Zeitgeist.

"Alan Catlin is a two-fisted reality writer who has walked the walk while producing grade A material from grade B movie plots and dialogue. His poems give serious critical weight to moviemaking myths and the people who create them. Catlin gets top billing on the Bijou theatre marquee as the leading man in the land of noir."
Gene McCormick
author of Obsessions.

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