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Buddah's Not Talking Buddah's Not Talking (2022)
By Robert Okaji    $10.00    
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"Robert Okaji's poetry reminds us there is enlightenment to be gleaned in the terrible and the beautiful."     Charlotte Hamrick

All Animals Want the Same Things (2021)
By Jeanne-Marie Osterman $10.00
All Animals Want the Same Things," by Jeanne-Marie Osterman    Sample the book      Printable Order Form
"All Animals Want the Same Things packs a wallop of levity amidst gut-punching defeats."     Martha Silano

Poems for the American Brother Poems for the American Brother (2020)
By Max Stephan    $10.00    
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"These are moving poems brimful with weight and virtue."     Marc Harshman

A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith (2019)
By Pam Davenport $10.00
A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
"Davenport celebrates the sublime and the ordinary in equal measure, from the moon's "ancient lunar light" to "a rusty chain-link fence."     Ellen Bass

Exit, Stage Left Exit, Stage Left (2018)
By Robert L. Penick     $10.00    
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"These hard-hitting poems roll into a reader’s consciousness like a ‘great wheel of pain’ and stay there,
leaving us breathless."
    Sandy Coomer

Blue Velvet (2017)
By Alan Catlin
Sold Out
Blue Velvet   Sample the book     
"Using noir and dystopian sci-fi movies and TV series for his jumping off point, Alan Catlin’s latest collection, Blue Velvet, paints a picture of contemporary America’s anxieties, obsessions, and fears. Catlin is merciless in his depictions of the rot at the heart of our current social and political climate, as reflected in pop culture."     Robert Cooperman

Not All Fures Burn the Same Not All Fires Burn the Same (2016)
By Francine Witte     $10.00     Nearly Sold Out
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"This is Francine Witte's world. Weigh the odds, take your chances, put your money down. Take comfort in knowing that it may not always be pretty but–for once in your life–you can get the whole, clear view…rather than how we too often find things, spread out in a million different directions, all of them going nowhere."     George Wallace

The Function of Sadness (2015)
By Neil Carpathios $10.00

Sold Out
Function of Sadness   Sample the book     
"In The Function of Sadness, Neil Carpathios introduces us to his world, a world familiar to most alert citizens, but one that usually makes us avert our eyes: the maimed, the desolate, the abandoned and those who just plain hurt. In poem after exquisite poem, he makes their traumas ours, and unites us to all things frail and mortal."     John Skoyles

The Bones We Have in Common Another Mistake (2014)
By Nicole Antonio     $10.00
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"Nicole Antonio's chapbook, Another Mistake, is an absolutely breath-taking collection. These poems are urgent and immediate, visceral and gripping. There is an exquisite delicacy to Nicole Antonio’s poetry that is also both muscular and provocative as well. Don’t miss this poet or her remarkable, knock-out debut. "     David St. John

Town Crazy (2013)
By John Cullen $10.00
Town Crazy   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
"We all experience the daily, where there is "little romance," yet we continue to cast about for the sweet spot in a moment's gamble and relief. These are the poems of living, living with hope, living with crazy, living among the lost and the forsaken, always alive to experience life's essence."     Michele Lesko

The Bones We Have in Common The Bones We Have in Common (2012)
By Sudasi J. Clement     $10.00
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"This collection is ripe with stories; beautiful sad stories, hopeful dreamy stories, stories of wild wise boys, troubled men and resilient women, scenes brutal and beautiful, heartbreak, understanding, endurance and grace, the risks of love, dreams that feel like waking moments and vice versa."     Dave Morrison

Three Crows Laughing (2011)
By Moriah Erickson $10.00
From the Age of Miracles   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
Moriah Erickson is in the business of getting to the bottom of things. Her poems are sharp, wicked and wise. She knows what our best poets know: hidden in nearly every experience, even the most chaotic, is some shining center.     Ryan Vine

The Real Politics of Lipstick The Real Politics of Lipstick (2010)
By Mary Carroll-Hackett     $10.00
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"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender."     Jan Beatty

From the Age of Miracles (2009)
By David Chorlton $10.00
From the
Age of Miracles   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
Chorlton is one of America's finest poets and in this superb work he combines classical restraint with an impassioned meditation. He mourns the diminished present, the sublimation of the spiritual/animist in the material, and the loss of artistry, memory and meaning.     Stephanie Dickinson

Rescue Conditions Rescue Conditions (2008)
By Carrie Shipers     $10.00
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"At once feisty and powerful, Carrie Shipers’s poems help us remember secret warnings we learn as children: to love hard against violence, to take what we get, to escape when we can, to remember every detail for a brilliant imagination to unpack and revive: 'stories they lived without learning/what they meant.' At last we have a poet to teach us what she learned, that 'what’s broken matters less than how it heals.' To read Rescue Conditions is to experience the pure joy of recovering family identities—as heroes, outlaws, lovers, and tender citizens—through art."     Hilda Raz

Your Whole Life (2007)
By Douglas Goetsch    

Whole Life   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
"Here is a poet who is fully engaged in the world and with language, and who makes no concessions to political correctness or the industry of consolation. Instead, Goetsch fearlessly explores the culture at large and his own emotions, zestfully exposing the thoughts we usually hide from others and even ourselves. 'Have you ever felt the world was full of edges?' Goetsch asks, and he can't keep himself from going right to those edges, whether he is writing about the entanglements of adult life, the cluelessness of childhood, or, as he so deftly does in several poems, both at once. The result is a poetry that is unforgiving, moving, and often very funny."     Jeffrey Harrison

Behind Every Door Behind Every Door (2006)
By Terry Godbey     $7.00
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"How can such worldly want and wide-eyed craving to live fully finally ring so pure? Godbey's collection has real power...Her beautiful, quiet voice speaks loudly for women in a compelling vernacular that men, too, will understand and treasure."     Philip F. Deaver

Some Days it's a Love Story (2005)
By Jason Irwin $7.00
Some Days
its a Love Story   Sample the book      Printable Order Form
Irwin's collection is spare and yearning, his characters desperate and driven. The poems center around a working class reality. Though he hails from NY state, Irwin manages a Midwestern scarcity, an immediacy in the lives of his characters that reveal a poet wise in voice but young enough to capture the fire of a 20-something looking down the long hall of a blue-collar career.     C.L. Bledsoe, Ghoti Magazine

Radio Dreams Radio Dreams (2004)
By Beth Anne Royer     $7.00
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Beth Royer writes like a master model-maker assembling snowstorm paperweights full of quirky domestic detail—a malfunctioning strip-tease platform, a dream-enhancing radio, golf clubs at the bottom of a parched lake. Her poems spin quixotic mirco-narratives into lyrical dream-shapes, like the stories of John Cheever run through a cotton candy machine. Radio Dreams is an arch and artful chapbook that ought to be read by everyone.

Trading Futures (2003)
By Nikki Roszko $7.00
Trading Futures   Sample the book
Street-wise and hard edged, Nikki Roszko is a poet whose words jump off the page and crawl under your skin. Her poems are in the moment and out of control. They are charged with an unihibited energy that rubs you raw and leaves you emotionally drained—but wanting more.

What Language What Language (2002)
By J. P. Dancing Bear     $7.00
Sold Out
Sample the book
Dancing Bear writes with an interesting mix of lyrical voice and underlying sarcasm, elevating the poems with language then toying with the reader in subtle, underlying tones.   —Ace Boggess., The Adirondack Review

The Eyes of a Vertical Cut (2001)
By Ronald Wardall     $7.00
Eyes of a Vertical Cut    Sample the book      Printable Order Form
"Ronald Wardall has written a fine chapbook with taut imagery and plainspoken detail. He captures the moment in beautifully wrought details."   
Ralph Haselmann Jr., Lucid Moon Poetry Magazine

Breaking the Captives Fetters Breaking the Captives' Fetters (2000)
By Laurie Mazzaferro     $6.00
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Laurie Mazzaferro's poetry strikes an emotional chord that will resonate through you—heart, soul, and bones.

Dancing with the One-Armed Man (1999)
By Alison Pelegrin     Sold Out
Sample the book
Dancing with the One-Armed Man
"Alison Pelegrin's debut chapbook is as much a celebration of place—New Orleans and environs—as the vivid voices of its people. Like a full-bodied wine, Dancing with the One-armed Man offers subtlety, satisfaction, and a dizzying delight."  —Enid Shomer

Longing Fervently for Revolution Longing Fervently for Revolution (1998)
By Renny Christopher     $6.00
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"Renny Christopher's poetry demonstrates that poetry can be a powerful access to understanding: her poems allow working-class people to feel visible and respected in a genre that usually ignores or objectifies them."
Carolyn Whitson
Metropolitan State University

Gravel (1997)
By Leslie Ann Mcilroy     Sold Out
Sample the book
A fiery collection of deeply personal yet wonderfully accessible poems woven through themes of love, loss, friendship, and the awkward, intractable moments of everyday life.

The Nietzche Itinerary The Nietzche Itinerary (1996)
By Matt Buys    Sold Out
Sample the book
An account of Buys' three-year trek as a reporter in Latin America when he survived by living in two-dollar rooms and eating one-cent bananas. "He pulls no punches and is a story teller of great regard." —Semi-Dwarf Review

Hubba Hubba (1995)
By Katharine Harer     Sold Out
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Hubba Hubba
"A mixing of memory and desire, sexuality and mortality that catches us unawares and touches us deeply. There's a magical tenderness, a sly wit, a bebop jauntiness to every poem in this marvelous book." —onthebus

The Insomniacs The Insomniacs (1994)
By David Chorlton     $4.00
Sold Out
Sample the book
"This is poetry wondrously intelligent and spectacularly descriptive, drenched with color." —Dusty Dog

Shock Treatment (1993)
By Kurt Nimmo
Sold Out
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Shock Treatment
A testament to the decaying American dream. Seething with the hopelessness and bitterness of a marginal existence one paycheck away from poverty. Nimmo has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes for his fiction.

I Would Steal
Horses I Would Steal Horses (1992)
By Sherman Alexie     Sold Out
Sample the book
Hope and survival amid the brutal despair and anonymity of contemporary Native American life. The very first poetry chapbook by Sherman Alexie, whom Adrian Lewis has called "the brightest star in the younger constellation of American Indian poets."

The Color of Poison (1991)
By Serena Fusek     Sold Out
Sample the book
The Color of Poison
"...raw poetry concentrating on the dance of people dealing with people and the masks that they wear. Fusek is great at drawing out personal images of some of the more camouflaged people in the world." —Factsheet Five

The Trial of
Mary McCormick The Trial of Mary McCormick (1990)
By Robert Cooperman
Sold Out
Sample the book
A powerful sequence of poems which chronicle the life of a young girl caught up in a passion play of lost faith, temptation, and betrayal.

The Fatboy with No Imagination
from Down the Block
By Richard Amidon     $4.00
Sold Out
Sample the book
The Fatboy with No Imagination
A poignant and playful romp through life's seasons, from the lusty optimism of adolescence to the crash and burn of a marriage gone awry. Amidon's poetry spans a wide range of emotions and styles from comic observations about everyday life to disturbing personal confessions.

Constituency of Dunces, by Gerald Locklin A Constituency of Dunces (1988)
By Gerald Locklin     Sold Out
Sample the book
Locklin's debut publication for Slipstream and Winner of our very first poetry chapbook competition. A witty and wry collection of poems from which he draws heavily when performing live. A real treat for all Locklin fans and lovers of modern poetry.