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Poetry/Rare Books Collection at the State University of New York at Buffalo
Collection devoted to 20th Century poetry in English and English translation. Contains over 90,000 volumes by every major and many minor poets writing in English. Recordings of poets reading from their own works, poets' notebooks, letters and manuscripts, and a wide variety of literary magazines are also included in this collection. Approximately 3,500 little magazine titles, 1,200 current subscriptions, and a number of portraits, sculptures, and photographs round out the collection. Houses the Slipstream Press archive.

Gerald Locklin (Official Web Site)
Poems, books, news, links and more about the undisputed Heavyweight Champeen of the American Small Press. Winner of Slipstream's 1988 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "A Constituency of Dunces."

Robert Okaji (Official Web Site)
Musings on poetry, language, perception, numbers, food, and anything else that slips through the cracks. Winner of Slipstream's 2022 Poetry Chapbook Contest for Buddah's Not Talking."

Jeanne-Marie Osterman (Official Web Site)
Poems and reviews. Winner of Slipstream's 2021 Poetry Chapbook Contest for All Animals Want the Same Things."

Max Stephan (Official Web Site)
Poetry, poems, prose, readings and research. Winner of Slipstream's 2020 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "The Function of Sadnesss."

Neil Carpathios (Official Web Site)
Poems, books, news, links and more. Winner of Slipstream's 2015 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "The Function of Sadnesss."

J. P. Dancing Bear (Facebook Page)
Poetry, publishing credits, web links, and biographical information pertaining to J.P. Dancing Bear. Winner of Slipstream's 2002 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "What Language."

Peter Conners (Facebook Page)
Peter Conners is a poet and fiction writer. He works as Marketing Director and Associate Editor for the poetry publisher BOA Editions, Ltd. He is founding co-editor of Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poetry and Flash Fiction, published on-line by the literary nexus web site Web del Sol. He also is a contributing editor for Del Sol Review and a literary critic and reviewer for the alternative newspapers ArtVoice (Buffalo, NY) and City Newspaper (Rochester, NY).

Spiel (Official Web Site)
Website of frequent Slipstream contributor and Pushcart-nominated poet Spiel.

Leslie Ann Mcilroy (Facebook Page)
Leslie Ann Mcilroy is a Pittsburgh-based writer, editor, publisher and poet. She is the author of two award-winning collections of poetry. Winner of Slipstream's 1997 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "Gravel."

Belinda Subraman (Facebook Page)
News, reviews, personal blog, and samples of Belinda Subraman's poetry, writing, art, music and more.

Lyn Lifshin (Official Web Site)
Poetry, prose, bio notes, readings, etc. relating to Lyn Lifshin

Sherman Alexie (Official Web Site)
Biography, bibliography, articles, tour schedule, upcoming projects, book discussion, quotes, photos, Smoke Signals and more. Winner of Slipstream's 1992 Poetry Chapbook Contest for "I Would Steal Horses."

Darren Holmes (Official Web Site)
Darren Holmes was born in 1969 in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada. He has always been attracted to romantic, emotive works. An attempt to express some sort of universal truth perhaps. He currently lives and works in Ottawa.

Linda Sienkiewicz (Official Web Site)
Poetry, publication credits, news, and bio information about the writer. If you are a new writer, check out Linda's other website Wallpaper the Sky, which features poetry writing exercises, tips, publishing how-to's.

Terry Godbey (Official Website)
Official site of poet Terry Godbey. Features biographical info, appearances, books, photos, publications & awards, contact information and links to Godbey's online poems.

Watering the Dead - Jason Irwin (Official Web Site)
Watering the Dead is poet Jason Irwin's Blog. He grew up in Dunkirk, NY and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Wendi Lee. His first collection of poetry "Watering the Dead" won the 2006/2007 Transcontinental Poetry Award and was published in 2008 by Pavement Saw Press. In 2005 his manuscript "Some Days It's A Love Story" won the Slipstream Press Poetry Chapbook Prize. His one-act play, Civilization, had its staged reading debut on April 24, 2010 at The Living Theatre, NYC.

Just Buffalo Literary Center
Founded in 1975, Just Buffalo Literary Center’s mission is to create and strengthen communities through the literary arts. The organization has established itself as a regional resource and a national model, both for the excellence of its artistic programming and for the thoughtful, strategic ways it has approached administration and operations.

C&R Press
C&R is a literary press based in Chattanooga, TN. They are committed to "publishing books from new and emerging poets whose work might otherwise be ignored by commercial publishers." C&R sponsors the De Novo poetry award, which is given to an American poet who has not previously published a full-length collection of poetry.

Nerve Cowboy (Facebook Page)
Nerve Cowboy is a biannual journal of poems and short fiction sensitive enough to make the hardest hard-ass cry, funny enough to make the most hopeless brooder laugh, and disturbing enough to make us all glad we're not the author of the piece.
NewPages is the Portal of Independents! News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

Grey Borders
Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Grey Borders welcomes the submission of poetry, short fiction, essays, and drama that challenges social norms. They prefer work that uses concrete images to express ideas and work addressing issues in government, world affairs, women’s rights, and race.

storySouth showcases the best fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that writers from the new south have to offer. Special emphasis is given to finding and promoting the works of promising new writers.

An online site for poetry, art, and theory, quarterly publishing "The 2River View" and occasionally publishing individual authors in the 2River Chapbook Series.

New York State Lit Tree
Offers in-depth information about NYSCA-funded organizations with literary programs including their curators and the poets and writers they present. The site is designed and is maintained by Loss Pequeño Glazier, webmaster, who also is director of the Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo.

The Poetry Project
The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, New York City, furnishes encouragement and resources to poets, writers, artists and performers whose work is experimental, innovative and pertinent to writing that proposes fresh aesthetic, cultural, philosophical and political approaches to contemporary society.

Main Street Rag
Main Street Rag publishes two print magazines:Main Street Rag Arts & Literary Forum(a quarterly journal) and Independence Boulevard (a monthly regional tabloid with a distribution of approximately 10,000). Web site features poetry, fiction, essays, cartoons, a gallery of back issues, and information about poetry contests.

The Niagara Falls Poetry Project
Poems and poetry about the Niagara Falls, the Niagara River, War of 1812, Battle of Lundy's Lane, stunters, daredevils, and Niagara regional history. Compiled and maintained by Andrew Porteus.

Misfit Magazine
Be a square peg in a round hole. Be part of a dying breed, the last mustangs in a Nevada desert and the cowboys who want to track them down, capture them and sell them for pet food. And the one who sets them free. And, please, please, don’t forget to be real.

Masters in English: 100 Inspiring Sites for Poets & Poetry Lovers
Masters in is a site dedicated to helping students find the right graduate-level English program. Includes links to poetry journals, blogs, and organizations; accredited degree programs; articles about salary and job prospects, and other useful resources to assist current and prospective graduate students' career exploration.


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