Works Nominated by Slipstream for the Pushcart Prize

2021 — Pushcart XLVII

After Vesuvius, Alison Stone (poem, Slipstream 41)
Fringes, Divya Mehrish (poem, Slipstream 41)
Play Dead, Karina Jutzi (poem, Slipstream 41)
The Night John Lennon Was Killed, Robert Fillman (poem, Slipstream 41)
The Lunar Module Stage of Life, Jim Daniels (poem, Slipstream 41)
Strawberry Picking, Jeanne-Marie Osterman (poem, All Animals Want the Same Thing)

2020 — Pushcart XLVI

The Resurrectionist (circa 1882), Donna M. Davis (poem, Slipstream 40)
The Holy Spirits of the Moon, Red Hawk (poem, Slipstream 40)
Ode to Forgiveness, Wade Ayinla (poem, Slipstream 40)
Three Steps Into Static (Entomology), Ellery Beck (poem, Slipstream 40)
Amongst Wolves, Anna Champion (poem, Slipstream 40)
Data, Ceridwen Hall (poem, Slipstream 40)

2019 — Pushcart XLV

Dopesong, Maria Dylan-Himmelmann(poem, Slipstream 39)
Cadaver Lab, John Schneider (poem, Slipstream 39)
Oppenheimer Spoke, Robert Penick (poem, Slipstream 39)
Raymond Park, Shana Hill (poem, Slipstream 39)
Cannibals, Julie Cyr (poem, Slipstream 39)
I Was An Impatient Girl, Pam Davenport (poem, A Midwest Girl Thanks Patti Smith)

2018 — Pushcart XLIV

Hiroshima Tricycle, Robbie Gamble (poem, Slipstream 38)
When the Levy Broke, Jonathan Greenhause (poem, Slipstream 38)
The Bends of Regret, Elaine Mintzer (poem, Slipstream 38)
Norse Legend, M.C. Aster (poem, Slipstream 38)
The Courtship of the Stalactite, Deborah H. Doolittle (poem, Slipstream 38)
Comedy, Robert Penick (poem, Exit, Stage Left)

2017 — Pushcart XLIII

I Am Not Your Future, Mapped, Jennifer Weber (poem, Slipstream 37)
The Next Place Music Might Go, Al Maginnes (poem, Slipstream 37)
Shadows of Birds, Lana Dean Highfill (poem, Slipstream 37)
Assemblage IV, Seth Garcia (poem, Slipstream 37)
There are Species of Stars Yet to be Seen, K.D. Rose (poem, Slipstream 37)
La Nebbia, Dianelee Velie (poem, Slipstream 37)

2016 — Pushcart XLII

Boo Boo's Birthday, Jason Irwin (poem, Slipstream 36)
On Learning that My Daughter's Rapist has been Taught to Write a Poem, Katharyn Howd Machan (poem, Slipstream 36)
The Moon Reminds Me, Ace Boggess (poem, Slipstream 36)
Electric Ladyland, Catfish McDaris (poem, Slipstream 36)
Still Life Below Zero, Ed Taylor (poem, Slipstream 36)
Breaking Sky, Francine Witte (poem, Not All Fires Burn the Same)

2015 — Pushcart XLI

The Book Burners, Michelle Ann Kratts (poem, Slipstream 35)
The Elements, Alan Catlin(poem, Slipstream 35)
Easy as Pie, Ken Feltges (poem, Slipstream 35)
Tattooed Girl on the Roof, Alexis Rhone Fancher (poem, Slipstream 35)
The Singing Wreck of Us, Sean Thomas Dougherty (poem, Slipstream 35)
Morning Rescued from the Banal, Neil Carpathios (poem, The Function of Sadness)

2014 — Pushcart XL

Body Double, David Denny (poem, Slipstream 34)
Palermo, 1943, Doorway to Italym, Leland James (poem, Slipstream 34)
Lotís Wifeís Daughters, Jody A. Zorgdrager (poem, Slipstream 34)
Whatís my favorite kind of porn?, Eric Gelsinger (poem, Slipstream 34)
Itís Only My Opinion But I Donít Think AnimalsÖ, John Marvin (poem, Slipstream 34)
Squall, Margo Davis (poem, Slipstream 34)

2013 — Pushcart XXXIX

At the Factory of Meaning, Marc Harshman (poem, Slipstream 33)
Two Shaving in the Bathroom, Anthony Isaac Bradley (poem, Slipstream 33)
49 Headless Bodies, Michael Lee Phillips (poem, Slipstream 33)
Walking to Iceland, Andy Robertsz (poem, Slipstream 33)
Ghost Soldiers Find Picnic Children, Jeanne DeLarm-Neri (poem, Slipstream 33)
Town Crazy, John Cullen (poem, Town Crazy)

2012 — Pushcart XXXVIII

Clarity After the Crash, Bryce Emley (poem, Slipstream 32)
Drunk, Dad Makes His Point, James Valvis (poem, Slipstream 32)
Auspicious Fist, John Marvin (poem, Slipstream 32)
Biographies of Dogs Who Dared to Run Away, Troy Schoultz (poem, Slipstream 32)
Poem for Myra Gale, Jerry Lee Lewis' Cousin/Bride, Pamela Murray Winters (poem, Slipstream 32)
The Portal, Sudasi Clement (poem, The Bones We Have in Common)

2011 — Pushcart XXXVII

To the First Arriving Officer, Barry W. North (poem, Slipstream 31)
The Tooth Collector, Jennifer Tappenden (poem, Slipstream 31)
The Final Phase of the Species' Decline, Carol Berg (poem, Slipstream 31)
The Patience of Beans, James Espinoza (poem, Slipstream 31)
The Ice Cream Cemetery, Julie Babcock (poem, Slipstream 31)
The Murdered, Moriah Erickson (poem, Three Crows Laughing)

2010 — Pushcart XXXVI

La Belle Dame Sans Serif, John Marvin (poem, Slipstream 30)
The Luckiest Man Alive, Larry Crist (poem, Slipstream 30)
Tuesday After America's Got Talent, Michael Basinski (poem, Slipstream 30)
Lying in the Air, Greg McBride (poem, Slipstream 30)
Driving North, Heather Cousins (poem, Slipstream 30)
Finding Niagara, E.R.Baxter III (poem, Slipstream 30)

2009 — Pushcart XXXV

Fallen in Sectional Constructions, Jonathan Greenhause (poem, Slipstream 29)
Peshtigo Fire, Andrew Kozma (poem, Slipstream 29)
I Dip My Skirt in Your Blood John Dillinger, Lori Kagan (poem, Slipstream 29)
Revolver, Katie Cappello (poem, Slipstream 29)
Another Graven Image, Ron Koertge (poem, Slipstream 29)
Shadow Boxing, David Chorlton (poem, From the Age of Miracles, 2009)

2008 — Pushcart XXXIV

Across a Universe of Grass, Shari OíBrien (poem, Slipstream 28)
Chopin and a Barbershop, Matthew Snyder (poem, Slipstream 28)
My Father Says Yes, Doug Ramspeck (poem, Slipstream 28)
Mathematics 101, Neil Carpathios (poem, Slipstream 28)
Deconstructing Dorothy, Nina Corwin (poem, Slipstream 28)
Moose Liquor, Carrie Shipers (poem, Rescue Conditions, 2008)

2007 — Pushcart XXXIII

A Dead Animal Holds the Key to the Eternal Universe, Christopher Kondrich (poem, Slipstream 27)
How I Got Good at Math, Kaveh Akbar (poem, Slipstream 27)
Museum of Impossible Inventions, Judson Evans (poem, Slipstream 27)
Catalog of Women, Sharon Black (poem, Slipstream 27)
Atlas Moths, Gail Giewont (poem, Slipstream 27)
Black People Canít Swim, Douglas Goetsch (poem, Your Whole Life, 2007)

2006 — Pushcart XXXII

The Skinning Pit, Spiel (poem, Slipstream 26)
Holding the Shell to My Ear, Eric Gansworth (poem, Slipstream 26)
Praise , David Chorlton (poem, Slipstream 26)
Wild Cove, Newfoundland, Beth Royer (poem, Slipstream 26)
Protestant, Terry Godbey (poem, Behind Every Door, 2006)
For This Life, We'll Be Serving Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes , Terry Godbey (poem, Behind Every Door, 2006)

2005 — Pushcart XXXI

Excavating Sylvia, J. Allen Hall (poem, Slipstream 25)
Even If, Karen Lewis (poem, Slipstream 25)
Learning to Breathe, Annalynn Hammond (poem, Slipstream 25)
Mother of the Lunatics, Sarah Ruhlen (poem, Slipstream 25)
A Fish Caught in Time, Fredrick Zydek (poem, Slipstream 25)
Main Street, Jason Irwin (poem, Some Days It's A Love Story, 2005)

2004 — Pushcart XXX

The Moment, Harry Newman (poem, Slipstream 24)
Who Run With Wolves, Megan Burns (poem, Slipstream 24)
Burning the Dog, Sharon F. McDermott (poem, Slipstream 24)
A Necrophiliac's Love Story, Daniel Clausen (short story, Slipstream 24)
Even the Trees in the Lake are Burning, Muriel Zeller (poem, Slipstream 24)
Looking Through Floating Garbage, David Thornbrugh (poem, Slipstream 24)

2003 — Pushcart XXIX

My Father's Skull, R.D. Robbins (short story, Slipstream 23)
Halloween 2001, David Chorlton (poem, Slipstream 23)
May I Help You?, Elizabeth Kerlikowske (poem, Slipstream 23)
Punch the Clock, Michael Thomas Martin (poem, Slipstream 23)
River, Jane Adam (poem, Slipstream 23)
Fresh Meat, Nikki Roszko (poem, Trading Futures, 2003)

2002 — Pushcart XXVIII

The Problem with Little Fish, Johnny Cordova (poem, Slipstream 22)
Giving Mother a Massage, Greg Held (poem, Slipstream 22)
Ghost Brother, David Hernandez (poem, Slipstream 22)
Novena, Sarah Freligh (poem, Slipstream 22)
Young Girl at the Olympics, Alison Luterman (poem, Slipstream 22)
Changes, J. P. Dancing Bear (poem, What Language, 2002)

2001 — Pushcart XXVII

Jack Gets a Thesaurus, E.R. Baxter III (short story, Slipstream 21)
Admission, James Sallis (poem, Slipstream 21)
The Shape of Jellyfish Flying, Valentina Gnup (poem, Slipstream 21)
Jack of Trades, Martin Vest (poem, Slipstream 21)
Woodwork Redemption, James Valvis (poem, Slipstream 21)
Marshall, Ronald Wardall (poem, The Eyes of a Vertical Cut, 2002)

2000 — Pushcart XXVI

Point of Origin, Christopher Brisson (poem, Slipstream 20)
Letters, Kazim Ali (poem, Slipstream 20)
My Sweetest Piece, Lisa Glatt (poem, Slipstream 20)
Black Ice, J. P. Dancing Bear (poem, Slipstream 20)
Visits to the Underworld, 1959, Jesse Millner (poem, Slipstream 20)
Cooking Lessons, Laurie Mazzaferro (poem, Breaking the Captives' Fetters)

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